Piadina Paradise

My first trip to Pesaro was in March 2019. It’s easily reachable by train from Bologna. For me, entering into Italian light from the cold hemisphere of Helsinki was a dream come true. Pesaro is by the sea, and along Rimini, Riccione and Ancona it forms a heaven for those looking for beach life and salty waves. Even though the beach season had not yet started I could feel the anticipation of it. The signs were everywhere as I biked along the sea shore. Owners preparing their beach huts and restaurants for the opening, people heading for the beach on a sunny day and the cool breeze from the sea giving a promise of summer.

There are charming villages around the area of Pesaro e Urbino, such as Fano and Gradara. A real gem is Fiorenzuola di Focara. Even Dante mentions this place as he speaks of the winds of Focara. Winds that were the peril of many sailors. Fiorenzuola di Focara is also the place where you find the best piadinas, local flatbread filled with cheese and prosciutto. Or anything your heart desires.

I visited Pesaro again in October. Once again out of beach season. Yet, the sun was still shining and the sea as beautiful as ever. In Piazza popolo I ate ice-cream (Gelato di Yuri), in Fano I had a coffee break while checking out the morning market on a Saturday. I had pizza Rossini, a local specialty with egg and mayo on it (I know, sounds weird). Of course I also ate homemade piadinas.

So, it looks like I have mostly missed the summer vibes of Pesaro and its gorgeous beaches. That’s why I have to visit Pesaro again to see its summery side.

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