Funny moments and friends

Good thing about technology is that even when traveling alone, you can still share your experiences with your friends. At least most of the time, depending on where you travel. It’s not the same as having real life company but I think sometimes close enough is, well, close enough.

Like the other day when I found myself in a stalemate regarding my new work project. As quickly as I got here so did the plans change. Anyway, I felt disappointed and decided to go for a beer. My local pub had some sort of private event so I continued to the center, which meant more expensive beer. I ordered a large beer without even thinking of it and got a huge one (0,75 dl). If the content of the pint was plenty, so was the price. I took my huge and overpriced beer, and sat down outside because it is spring after all. Shivering of cold I texted my friends.

They were all there for me (I was the only one with frozen fingers though) and as I watched Hell’s Angels park their bikes on the street nearby I thought that at least I’m hanging out with the right kind of friends. The funny moment came after I finished my pint and felt drunk: I grabbed some Thai food and watched a marvelous sunset from my apartment window. How funny is that: first you feel angry and depressed and then you look outside the window and see something breathtaking. My wisdom of the day is that fun is important, and so are friends. They are kind of a package deal.


P.S. The sunset was even more red and amazing than the picture tells.

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