Bergen is a place of constant uphill walk. Even though you can get the “flat experience” (not the one I talked about in this post) in the old city center, it’s true that there are places that challenge your glutes and thighs. Mount Fløyen has amazing views over Bergen and it’s reachable by funicular if you don’t wish to hike up. Once you reach the top there are walking and hiking routes to explore the surroundings if that’s your cup of tea. My cup of tea was a cup of coffee and a pannekake (pancake), which I enjoyed while sitting and taking in the view.

There are many spectacular views in the world. One thing that is common to them is that they always leave you somewhat humbled. In Bergen I noticed in the very beginning that there was something special, even magical, about the city. Maybe it’s the location or the weather that changes in a heartbeat, I don’t know. I also realized that this place is, like the villa I spent my last summer at in Italy, protected by mountains.

On a lighter note, I have come to realize that I would be a very bad food blogger. So far I have pretty much eaten everything before I even thought of photographing it.




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