Bergen Craft Beer Festival 2018 – anarchy from start to finish

It’s fair to say that Finns love beer. Whenever we get the slightest hint of spring and sunlight we head outside, usually for a pint. This leads to sun burnt faces as we cheerfully stay out for “just one more”.  Here in Bergen beer is a bit more expensive than in Finland but that did not stop me from checking out the Bergen Craft Beer Festival that took place the 4-5 of May. We were a small bunch of people around different corners of the world curious about beer. None of us was really a beer enthusiast or a connoisseur but  that made the event even more fun. We tried pretty much everything from fruity, citrus-flavored IPAs to stouts with hints of coffee and chocolate. In a way, it was like being in a candy shop for grown-ups: the creative names of the beers tasted like adventure. Or what do you think about having a pint of “Drop kick me Jesus” or a “Juice is loose”?

My favorite beer, even though I didn’t taste all of them, was “the anarchist’s choice” Lord Comatose, a Russian Imperial Stout by Anarchy Brew Co. This is what I started with, and what I finished with.



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