Alternative mornings: Stockholm

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My friend receives morning messages from her Italian boyfriend from Tuscany. One morning she got sunny pictures and an audio of birds singing in the background. I told her that I could easily send her similar messages from Bergen – only with pictures of gloomy clouds and the sound of the rain hitting my window. After all, they say opposites attract…

Anyway, yesterday I was having an alternative morning in Stockholm. I had traveled to Finland for a short weekend break, and trying to save money I had booked a return flight through Stockholm to Bergen. This meant staying in Stockholm the whole day. I had made rather cultural plans for my day: visiting Fotografiska and then maybe strolling the streets of Söder. None of that happened because I was too tired after partying in Finland with my friends.

I did manage to grab a morning coffee and found my way to Gamla Stan, which I have probably seen a million times. The Finns and Swedes have a twisted love affair of taking cruises between the two cities. Depending on your goals you can actually have a nice, family vacation in Stockholm or then party your guts out trying to end up in the arms of a sweet Scandinavian. In Italy these cruises are known as “trombonave”, sex cruises. I am not making this up…you can find the link here (in Italian though).

So, my day in Stockholm included the tourist walk in the Old Town and eating at Da Peppe, an Italian restaurant in Storkyrkobrinken 16. I am really trying to incorporate Italy into my everyday life as you can see. Da Peppe was a good choice, I ate ravioli and continued my walk ahead. The Old Town is actually really pretty, so even if there are plenty of cultural attractions around, you can feel completely satisfied with a walk in the park, like Kungsträdgården, which at this time of year has cherry blossoms beautifying the place.

When I turned 40 years, two years ago that is, I went to Stockholm with my goddaughter and her mom. We happened to be in the right spot because the same day the Parliament started their work, which meant that we got a glimpse of the whole Royal Family as they left the church service downtown Stockholm. I even tried to take pictures but had left my camera on selfie-mode, so instead of Vickan and Daniel I got some nice pics of my forehead and of the vanishing backs of the royal family.

This time, my short stay was pleasant too, and with Arlanda Express I swooshed back to the airport just in time to celebrate the Finnish Vappu, the 1st of May, in Bergen.




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