When things go south…

I tried to come up with a nifty line and play with words here so that the title of this post would make sense. Being witty in any other language than your native tongue is doomed to fail. After that badly put introduction (defying all instructions in any Writer’s Guide)  I get to the point: I am finally traveling to Rome.

Yes, the eternal city of love and romance awaits. In Helsinki it is cold, windy and my yearly complaints about the weather are about to start. This time, they will have to wait for an additional five days because I will be lining up to see the Vatican, gasp at Pantheon and shiver in the face of Colosseum’s grim history. I most definitely will be eating pizza, pasta, gelato and all things Roman.

When things go south in north weather-wise, you go to Italy. See, I kind of made a witty pun there.


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