Yoga in Bergen

I have practiced ashtanga yoga for some years now. I have a brilliant teacher, who is precise, interested in her students' well-being, and leads with example. She gives good instructions with explanations why and how to do things. In my experience, her teaching method and pedagogical abilities are hard to beat because she develops them... Continue Reading →

Finding a place to stay

Moving to Bergen from Helsinki is not hard. The countries share some similarities and I blend in quite well. One thing I was not sure of was how easy it would be to find a place to stay. At least in Bergen, maybe in university cities in general, it is common to share a flat... Continue Reading →

It’s Bergen, baby!

There seems to be a spell on me. The type that gently directs me away from any prior plans and grounds. This spell has the power to take me to places that are beautifully distinct and magic. I think it started last year by choice when I went to Italy. After having spent three months in... Continue Reading →

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