Finding a place to stay

Moving to Bergen from Helsinki is not hard. The countries share some similarities and I blend in quite well. One thing I was not sure of was how easy it would be to find a place to stay. At least in Bergen, maybe in university cities in general, it is common to share a flat or a house with other people. That was what I was planning to do as well. I was thinking of a nice social apartment with other local women, all helping each other in every day life.

In an organizational “Let’s do this” frenzy I created two online profiles (at and to ensure the success of my accommodation hunt. After getting a couple of “you are late, the room is already rented” messages I thought it would be hard to find a place to live. I joined the Facebook group of Finnish friends of Bergen and cried out there as well. Quite shortly I received an offer in I had seen the ad before but had ruled it out because it had stated that they were looking for a long-term lease and because other tenants would be male. I was not sure how well I would cope in an all-male apartment.

I reconsidered – maybe a second, remember that I was still in the frantic state of mind, and accepted the offer. It wasn’t until afterwards I started to think if this was a good call. Anyway, after accepting and fixing the room at a “bofelleskap” I started to get really many offers on free rooms. How was I to know it would be that easy. Because I had already made the contract, signed it and paid for the first month, I decided to stick to my plan. Living with six men, that could be a dream come true, you know, Snow White and the Six Vikings…

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