Coffee and Waffles

Accepting a job opportunity on short notice makes life a little tricky. There’s a lot to take care of: flights, accommodation, packing etc. Everything from me accepting the job to actually arriving in Bergen happened in one week. To my astonishment I showed outstanding organizational skills and got my act together. This, however, meant that I needed to endure a little discomfort such as moving from one accommodation to another.

After my trip to to Stavanger I waited to get into my second AirBnB accommodation. The first one had been a room in a charming old house, which was actually one of the rare old houses in that neighborhood that had survived the fires. It used to have a brothel in the backyard. No wonder, given that Bergen was a busy port. Anyway, I had dragged my luggage uphill from the Hurtigruten terminal so I could get closer to the new apartment. I had a secret motive though. To eat waffles. I had noticed BarBarista earlier when I had visited Fløyen and walked around in the neighborhood. It looked a bit like my local coffee house in Helsinki, Espresso Edge.

Like a pilgrim looking for a new start I hauled my belongings to this rather quirky place and ordered a dessert. My colleague had informed me that waffles are a huge hit in Norway and this place is a piece of heaven when it comes to atmosphere and waffle variety. I ate a Snickers-inspired waffle filled with peanut butter and chocolate sauce on top. It was delicious. For a brief moment I thought of taking a picture of it but it was really an easy call. Food versus photos…Food wins!

One of the tables was reserved for regulars and an elderly gentleman sat there enjoying his pint. Next to me was a couple dressed in black, the guy probably from South America and the girl from Norway. A bit further sat a woman with a baby. The couple asked me to take a Polaroid picture of them and of course I did. As I pressed the button the old gentleman appeared somewhere from the shadows and in the picture it looks like the girl has an extra head. Spooky.

Because I was only interested in completing my indulgence the only pictures I took were kind of weird. The other one is a blurry shot of the ceiling  and the other one…well…it just doesn’t reflect my feelings of the place at all but as it happens, it was a drawing on the surface of my table. I give you Uncle Scrooge having a fit.


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