Street Art

One of the things I like here is street art. It pops up in most unexpected places. Sometimes the artwork dominates a large wall of a building and sometimes you find small but insightful illustrations almost hidden between the streets. The first morning after my arrival to Bergen I bumped into some artists at work... Continue Reading →

Ready, set, Stavanger

Very soon after my arrival to Bergen I visited Stavanger, a city in the south, to meet with a colleague. I spent Easter at my colleague's house and learned a tiny bit about Norwegian Easter traditions. Coming from Helsinki, Finland I am used to traveling by boat to Stockholm and back. There is a similar... Continue Reading →

It’s Bergen, baby!

There seems to be a spell on me. The type that gently directs me away from any prior plans and grounds. This spell has the power to take me to places that are beautifully distinct and magic. I think it started last year by choice when I went to Italy. After having spent three months in... Continue Reading →

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