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I am starting to get the same yearn for outdoors as the Norwegians - or that's what I like to think. Two weeks ago, I found myself in Tursenteret, which is the center of the local hiking club. As I stood there and opened my mouth, I heard myself utter the words "I am interested in... Continue Reading →

Alternative mornings: Stockholm

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My friend receives morning messages from her Italian boyfriend from Tuscany. One morning she got sunny pictures and an audio of birds singing in the background. I told her that I could easily send her similar messages from Bergen - only with pictures of gloomy clouds and the sound of... Continue Reading →


A Finnish movie director Renny Harlin directed the movie Cliffhanger in 1993. The same year a Finnish mountaineer Veikka Gustafsson reached Mount Everest. Finns took pride in these success stories: a Finnish film director in Hollywood and a Finn conquering the summit of Mount Everest. In the movie Sylvester Stallone fights bad guys while climbing... Continue Reading →


Bergen is a place of constant uphill walk. Even though you can get the "flat experience" (not the one I talked about in this post) in the old city center, it's true that there are places that challenge your glutes and thighs. Mount Fløyen has amazing views over Bergen and it's reachable by funicular if... Continue Reading →

Funny moments and friends

Good thing about technology is that even when traveling alone, you can still share your experiences with your friends. At least most of the time, depending on where you travel. It's not the same as having real life company but I think sometimes close enough is, well, close enough. Like the other day when I... Continue Reading →

Finding a place to stay

Moving to Bergen from Helsinki is not hard. The countries share some similarities and I blend in quite well. One thing I was not sure of was how easy it would be to find a place to stay. At least in Bergen, maybe in university cities in general, it is common to share a flat... Continue Reading →

Coffee and Waffles

Accepting a job opportunity on short notice makes life a little tricky. There's a lot to take care of: flights, accommodation, packing etc. Everything from me accepting the job to actually arriving in Bergen happened in one week. To my astonishment I showed outstanding organizational skills and got my act together. This, however, meant that... Continue Reading →

Street Art

One of the things I like here is street art. It pops up in most unexpected places. Sometimes the artwork dominates a large wall of a building and sometimes you find small but insightful illustrations almost hidden between the streets. The first morning after my arrival to Bergen I bumped into some artists at work... Continue Reading →

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